110 Years of Tradition & ServiceStarted in 1901 by Mulamoottil Mathai Abraham, it got evolved into its modern day form of Mulamoottil Finance



  • 1885 - Mulamoottil Mathen Mathai started Ayurvedic Eye Center
  • 1901 - Mulamoottil Mathai Abraham started Chitty business
  • 1940 - Mulamoottil Abraham Thomas started Mulamoottil Bank in Ceylon (modern Sri Lanka)
  • 1966 - Mulamoottil Abraham Thomas started Mulamoottil Trading Company
  • 1984 - Jacob Thomas Mulamoottil started Mulamoottil Leasing and Hire Purchase Ltd; An NBFC registered with the RBI
  • 2003 - Dr. Ashley Thomas Mulamoottil started Mulamoottil Eye Hospital and Research Center
  • 2004 - Mulamoottil Eye Foundation and Mulamoottil Charitable Trust formed
  • 2007 - Mulamoottil Homes and Developer Ltd established

Mulamoottil Health Care

Mulamoottil Eye Hospital (MEH), one of the most reputed eye care centres in India. Our team of qualified and well-experienced doctors and modern facilities and equipment for diagnosis and treatment ensure you the best in eye care.